Friday, February 14, 2020

Who Said, "Can't Buy Me Love"? or at Least "Like"?

Valentine's Day (in America, at least) could be subtitled "National Guilt Day."  if you don't fill up the living room (or room of your choice) with roses; buy the 60 pound chocolate sampler and something adorable from Tiffany or Cartier, you are in deep do-do, guys.  And if you did the huge chocolate gift, you could easily be in more trouble.  "I'm trying to lose weight, you dolt!  Would you look at my butt!  It's huuuge!"  As many of you know, gentlemen, it is a loaded statement/question and one best left alone like a political discussion.  

So - here's a summation of various components of Valentine's Day (which, btw, restaurateurs hate - why in a minute.)

In 2020 spending is projected to bring in $27.4 Billion or $196.31 per person.  Men spend three times what the ladies do.  Broken down -
Jewelry  $5.8 Billion
Flowers $2.3 Billion
Candy  $2.4 Billion
However, the National Retail Federation projects $19.6 Billion or $143.56 per person.

Hallmark, selling Valentine cards since 1916 estimates 6.5 Billion cards for between $7 and $8 Billion with 1,400 card choices.

What are the most popular flowers?
Lilies (Aren't those funerals only?)

Chocolates 58 million pounds for $10.7 Billion in return.

I was surprised to read that restaurants don't like Valentine's Day.  Turns out people linger too long over their dinners which makes turning tables a lot harder.  A wine upgrade barely makes them and the accountant happy.  They do (surprisingly) a lot of desserts from midnight to 2 a.m.  People pop in just for dessert!  

                                                HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY

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