Monday, December 2, 2019

De-coding the Southern Lady Code

"Southern Lady Code" by Helen Ellis 203 pages  $22 

Although Ellis now lives in Manhattan, she was born and brought up in Alabama and she has not forgotten the rules for Southern Ladies and what they're really saying.

I am reasonably sure that no matter where you were born and raised whether as an Eskimo in Alaska or an Italian in Little Italy, Manhattan, NY, one or more of your mamas stressed to you " If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.  The Southern Ladies, however, have also been instructed  "Say something not so nice in a nice way."  "Bless her heart" plays strong for this. "She's got a rack like a loaf of WonderBread and she's jes' so proud of them (insert bless, etc. here)

It's an amusing book, if you find Southern isms funny or educational.  The funniest I've read so far in this genre is Southern Funerals.  Hint:  pimento cheese (not Velveeta), deviled eggs and Co'Cola cake  are mandatory for the funeral afters.

I enjoyed this book except for the chapter on watching porn like a lady.  Flat doesn't make sense given the nature of porn itself.  Other than that .. hit'er!

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