Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Wine Popularity Contest

Curious, I asked whether red or white wines are the most preferred in the United States and now I'm sorry I did because red won at 60 per cent.  And among the reds the most popular is cabernet sauvignon followed by merlot.  (sigh)  No wonder nearly every wine list I've seen in any restaurant is heavy on the reds and light on the whites and rose might as well be nonexistent.  

Clearly my preference is white if I'm sighing.  And of the whites, I like pinot grigio and most emphatically not the chardonnays which always have too much cork and/or oaky flavor.   

So it is with great delight that I beg your kindness in my pimping a new white on me.  Honey Moon Viognier, specifically which is a delightful mouthful of melon, honey, apricot.   It's $5.99 per bottle which contains 600 calories - no more no less.  

It edges out my lovely Venetian Moon pinot grigio $4.99, 600 calories at Trader Joe.  I know that is popular because it's frequently sold out.  Which is how I happened to try the Viognier.  Always have a Plan B and the V is mine!  Try it - if you like whites.  If you're a red fan, well I tried.

Bottoms up whatever your tipple.  

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