Monday, December 23, 2019

In Which Richie Points Out An Error

He reminded me after reading yesterday's column "Flashing Forks" that I had clearly forgotten the most glutinous eating of them all.  Super Bowl Sunday.  If you are reaching for a chip or a beer, at hearing "Super Bowl Sunday" you didn't need reminding.

As usual, overkill on my part …
11.2 million lbs. of potato chips followed by 8.2 million lbs. of taco chips
1.2 billion (billion) chicken wings - flew away
8 million lbs. of guacamole
60 per cent of take out or delivered?  Pizza!

Little side note on the wings - the number eaten that day equals 300 times the weight of all 32 of NFL team players together.

$13 million for vegetable trays (amount of dip that usually accompanies these was not noted.)
$89 million in popcorn
$58 million in deli sandwiches

$1.2 billion (billion) for beer, flavored malt, cider, $5 94 million wine, $503 whisky

Avocados - without which no Super Bowl game could take place, are said by reliable sources (not me) to date back to 500 BC and were originally called "aguacates fruit."

In the '90s the game edged out of sports and into partying.  Whatever - if you can eat guacamole in front of a TV - let the games begin!

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