Monday, December 30, 2019

New Years Eve Superstitions

Here's a surety, not a superstition - drive drunk, get caught, bye-bye drivers' license.

But on a lighter side, let us answer the deeply curious beliefs about underpants.  You will need one pair each of red or yellow panties (or boxers as the case may be.)   Turn them inside out and don.  What you can expect from this bizarre-ity

Red:  Passion and love
Yellow:  happiness and money
As both are always welcome, patchwork panties in red and yellow?

Red or yellow with contrast embroidery?

After about five minutes, excuse yourself and put them back on, right side out.  This part - wearing them right side to - will ensure a full closet all year long.

In Argentina where they practice the same superstition the color is pink.  (Possibly in West Hollywood, San Francisco and Palm Springs, too.)   Pink, red, meh  - both mean looking for love.

At midnight, open all of the doors in the house and let the old year out.

Throw a cup of water over your shoulder to wash away the year's tears.

Make a list of things that annoyed or hurt you in 2019 and burn it.  I think this might actually be therapeutic.

If you go out, do not take any treasures with you.  They will vanish in the new year.  With a concert grand piano, this is not going to be a problem.

Don't wash your hair!  You'd be washing out 2020 luck!  Or do laundry.  If you do, it, too, will wash away good luck or your laundry in 2020 will either get lost or you'll have a great deal more of it to wash.

In Italy it is believed to be lucky to line up 12 grapes and eat one per church bell bong for good luck.  I, for one, would prefer a glass of wine that used 12 grapes in the making of merlot say.

                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MANY MORE

The basket of various-sized red and yellow panties is right over there by the skype hole on your computer. .

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