Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Family - Prix Fixe - Friends So much to eat; So Little Time

As a holiday treat, Richie and I go out to dinner Christmas Eve night every year.  Dress up a little (very little this is So. Cal.)   Last night Dominque's Kitchen got our patronage and this is what we ate.  Here is what the choices were from the menus given out -

Pink French bubbly (champagne, but they had to sound cute)  and Amuse Bouche - literally to amuse your mouth, in this case our mouths laughed at little two-bite pastry shells, two with glazed onion filling and the other two  with potatoes and cheese.   Just the right amount - gone in a twinkle of Santa's eye.

Appetizers - Parisian-style blue crab and wild Mexican shrimp in a somewhat spicy remoulade sauce.  The shredded crab and a little lettuce in the bottom of the bowl; four big shrimp hooked over the bowl edges.  For both of us
Creamy porcini and summer black truffle soup with a fresh herb Chantilly profiterole
Entrée - a three meat platter with:  Roasted rack of lamb with a Dijon and parsley crust,
pork and grass-fed beef filet mignon with pomme chateau, Farmer's market vegetables
and a shallots and burgundy wine reduction.
Lobster and crawfish with Morel mushrooms and broccoli florets, imported Italian pasta and a champagne and cream reduction  For both of us

Desserts - A mille feuille  (thousand leaves pastry  - which gives it the desired flakiness) with organic berries and Grand Marnier custard Richie - who would mug Santa for a crème brulee.
Five assorted French macarons  Me.

Dinner tab?  $80 per person = $160 +  $40  of wine for four glasses of our choices and not the chef's suggestions.  $200 and we've got a remarkable dinner tonight.  What the hell - it was Christmas!

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