Friday, December 13, 2019

Today is Friday the 13th! Hide or go about your business as usual?

About half of us are quivering under tables or beds in our happy place; another quarter are laughing and making fun of the "scaredy cats" and the last quarter forgot it was Friday the 13th and have carried on as usual.

 And then there are those of us (too small a number to make it into the statistics) who love this day and consider it to be lucky - "Huh? the fear and trembling crowd wonders?   All of the others are home and not making traffic snarls in the streets; planes fly marginally less filled; of course, you can the reservation time you want at a restaurant … all good things.

What can you do if you're superstitious?  These sound kind of made at home with loving hands-ish, but here are some remedies listed online.  Burn sage.  Go to crystals and stones; light a white candle, do a good deed and do not throw shards of a broken mirror away.  Since in many places, a broken mirror will get you seven years of bad luck, perhaps just let it be on the floor.  And for God's sake don't go padding around the site barefoot!

Another bit of advice sounds faintly pornographic to me ... cleanse your chakras with fresh flowers.  I have no idea what a chakra is nor where it is located in the human body and my would-be source on the matter (Raffish, MD) is out of town.  

If you wouldn't be freaked out about flying on this date, you could flee to any of the Spanish-speaking countries where Tuesday the 13th is feared.  In Italy, it's Friday the 17th.

British auto accident numbers  may go up as much as 52 per cent, but in the Netherlands, the statistics go down - there are great numbers there who stay safely in their houses.

Speaking of flights … the possibility of a flight going down on The Day is 0.067 but on any normal flying day that same rate is 0.091

Calme toi  There were two in America in 2019; next year in November, 2020, will be the only one. All you have to do is toast midnight tonight and skip gaily through life until then.  

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