Tuesday, December 31, 2019


"Doubles" above is not a drink order.  (In this case anyhow.  You're on your own in this.)

A sort of indoor hobby with me is writing Letters to the Editor.  And then waiting to see how Me vs. Editors turned out.   I am more than pleased to say that at least half of the time my missive runs.  The bragging is now over.

The other day I did a double submission and this morning my scream of joy announced that the Daily Breeze, our local subscription paper had run it.  And then my cup runneth over and both cats ran for Under The Bed when my scream announced that the LA Times had, too!  Yeesssss!

Why this one?  What had I written?  What deathless prose?    "May we all get what we want and not what we deserve in 2020."

I have championed "write short" for years now to aspiring others.  One could hardly get shorter and it worked.

And oddly enough it touched on a personal superstition for the New Year that I forgot to mention in yesterday's column.

I like to think that if you have a talent in some area - painting, drawing, writing, play a musical instrument that if you do it on New Year's Day you'll be able to do it (whatever) all of the coming year.  Happily these editors aren't reading this or they would put my name on some kind  of black list, never to be heard from again.

                              HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS 2020!

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