Saturday, December 7, 2019

Who Sez So? Comments on "And the Best Block Is ... Word of Mouth

The Comments listed below are probably what gave me 4.7 stars out of a possible 5.  Disclaimer:  none of the comments shown here were written by me!  Scurrilous as I am no doubt; despite my oft asserted statement that I'm a mercenary at heart, I still haven't sunk that low.

Watch this spot though ...

This was exactly what the author said it was: little mental tidbits to nibble on while you're getting your oil changed or catching an Uber for dinner.  It's entertaining and just plain fun.  Now that you can get it in Kindle format there's no excuse not to give it a read.    Tracey Johnson, author of "A Different Place to Die"

Author Nina Murphy's "And the Best Blog Is Word of mouth" gave me a little vacation.  If her intent were to make me laugh, she hit the target.  I really enjoyed this book. .

Clever observations, reality in your face, unbiased opinions and random thoughts from someone who has seen it all, Nina Murphy is that crazy lady down the street that would make your Thanksgiving dinner conversations better than with your own relatives.  Highly recommended. Michael C. Messineo, author "Rigby's Roads"

A very enjoyable read.  I am thoroughly enjoying reading this book.  Perfect reading for the hot summer days.  Light, fun and interesting.You certainly have a way with words.  I have young grandchildren and sometimes during this loong summer vacation, you just need to escape and this is the kind of book that lets you take short breaks from the chaos and the heat.

Keep writing, Nina, I look forward to your next book.  I hope I can add to this review because I have just finished one of Jeremy Clarkson's books and I love the fact that Nina and Clarkson have the same style.  No flowery descriptions, no time wasting on superfluous stuff...just straight to the point, short, sharp and funny.  Love them both.    A  fan in Netanya, Israel

Nina, your book is incredible!!!  I've been waiting for its release since you told me about it.  In addition, I like the fact that I can go on your blog at any time and stay current without having to explore the hodgepodge of different dispatches in order to find out what is going on in our world locally and internationally.  I don't trust the media nor do I enjoy reading the news so reading your blog keeps me up to date and amused.  Your anecdotes, use of fun and interesting  language and most of all, your fresh perspective keeps me reading.  You've lived a very full and interesting life and you offer readers a very unique perspective into your life and the lives of others.  I look forward to sharing this book with friends and family.  Mattthew

To Be Continued

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