Thursday, December 26, 2019

Boxing Day, December 26th

Boxing Day celebrations go 'way back.  In England, it was the day that the mansion owner gifted the sarvints with sort of a yearly tip - money (in a box) given - along with a day off - to said help.  This was understandably better than Christmas Day for most of them.

Other box items might be a turkey for the family or similar food gift or a warm blanket - something to make life easier for them.

St. Stephen was martyred in Sweden but his fame spread as far as Germany where church on the 26th could be very exciting indeed.  St. Stephen liked animals in general but his pet love (deliberate) was the noble horse.  Thus there are race meets on Boxing Day.  There is even more excitement in a German church where horses are to be ridden around and through the main chapel.

How the world changes department:  a friend e'd from New Zealand that today the 26th the family was going to a movie "a tradition on Boxing Day."

If you can't find a movie about and starring horses, maybe switch in "Best in Show" and say, "What funny-looking horses" abut the dogs.  You're unlikely to get a box of money or a live turkey in a box from your boss.  But enjoy Boxing Day and I wish you many more of them.  Happy encroaching New Year!

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