Friday, December 6, 2019

Back Cover

Or:  a further explanation re the contents of "And the Best Blog Is ..Word of Mouth"

WAITING;    Illustration is a slug turning into a butterfly to signify  waiting and the results thereof.  .

Do you hate to have to just sit there?

At your doctor's/dentist's office?

At the car wash when you've long since gotten over the excitement of watching your car go through?

Sitting at the gate, waiting for your flight's boarding number?  And you're in Group 6?

At the laundromat (unless it has a bar)?

For an oil change or minor auto repair?

For the bail bondsman to show up?

"And the Best Blog is" was designed and written for those tiresome moments.  It's a collection of short pieces so that you can start and stop reading with ease and not lose the plot line because there isn't one!

The mention of "Bathroom books" often cause a slight grimace of distaste in polite company, but a nice thick-ish book (196 pages) like "Word of Mouth" is perfect for those, uh, secluded moments; yes, that's the way to say it.  .

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