Sunday, December 8, 2019


Loved comparing gun oil and Madeleines.  For a Proust fan, that was a riot.  Good luck on the book; love your writing.  Jim, LA

I just finished your book today an I must say I found it filled with amusing anecdotes.  I particularly liked Chapter 28, London's "friendly" bar.  I could just picture in my imagination how you recoiled as the woman pummeled you with kisses.  I liked your metaphor of comparing it to being caught at Pompeii.  I also liked Chapter 33: Impressions at a funeral" - it was not at all what I expected and I  laughed aloud several times.  The book was a good read.  D. Vermillion

Funny, and you catch yourself laughing out loud.  Where has Nina Murphy been?  Her new book "Word of Mouth" is just what the Doctor ordered for the summer months or any time of the year.  It is clever, interesting and full of surprises about some people you may have known or heard about.  Murphy says people are quirky and with that statement she allows us to see ourselves more clearly and with a sense of humor.  She and the book are a "find."  James Newman.

An easy cruise - Nina has the gift many authors lack; she writes as we think and speak.  No need to battle with excess flowery prose, just for the sake of filling pages.  An easy cruise through situations we have all lived in one form or another.  Well done!  APHS

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