Saturday, November 30, 2019

New (?) Fun for the Family

Yesterday my sister sent me a picture of her (and husband's) first grandchild, a not-so-little girl now at eight months.  Seeing her reminded me of an off-hand comment by my sister.  "She looks just like Steve (her Daddy) as a baby!"

When a baby is first born "He/she looks just like (fill in relative)!" is often heard.   Too late now for Thanksgiving and the presumed gathering of the clan, but what if everyone - immediate family - brought a baby picture of themselves and added it to a bulletin board or down the festive table prior to eating there?  Think police mug shot books.  

There will undoubtedly be disagreements "Oh, you never had dimples like so-and-so!" and argumentive tones may be in use.  Better than taking the butter knives to one another yelling about politics!   If there are no new babies at the time of the gathering, borrow someone else's kid!

Newborns aren't exactly at their most photogenic days after birth anyhow.   If you've been lavish with the pre-dinner drinks, no one is going to recognize that it's a stranger's baby anyhow!

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