Friday, November 15, 2019

To My Surprise and Petty Theft 101

Yesterday's mail brought me my first ever letter from the wife of a sitting president.  (Melania Trump.)  After I ripped it open, foolishly expecting a desire on her part to be besties, and saw that like so many in politics, she just wanted a donation.  Still after reflecting on getting a letter from her, I began to feel a little miffed that I'd never heard from Nancy Reagan, Betty Ford, Laura Bush.  I probably did from Hilary Clinton - she seems willing always to accept a little cash - but none of the others.  As it is said in French "tant pis" or "too bad."

Now on to this petty theft business.  On a Web site this morning I ran across a featured segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that shows celebrities' reactions to mean tweets about themselves..

So, in the interest of witty snipes, may I present?

"I would rather listen to a barn full of baby pigs being vaccinated than (listen to the band or singer of your choice.)

"So and so's audience must be the people who taste the gas before they fill up with it."

"That band (fill in) looks like they travel in a white van with "Free Candy" signs all over it."

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