Saturday, November 2, 2019

But Would You Want Your Daughter - or Son For That matter - to Marry One?

Your child's resume reads:  Snake Wrangler services.  Was sent  to find, trap and dispose any one of the four types of rattlesnakes found in Southern California.  ( My method, though somewhat messy, involves a stick of dynamite.  And again, is not suitable as a day job.)

Bo Slyapich, 61, is one such removal expert.  His captives are put in plexiglass bins kept on the back seat of his vehicle (mine would be a Sherman tank) for removal to snake avoidance training programs for dogs.  Otherwise they get transported to uninhabited land (and in my case, if it wasn't it soon would be as my running feet would thunder through the echoing silence.)  He joked to the reporter that he isn't too hasty getting rid of them.  He joked, "I keep them until the check clears" which is  pragmatic businessman to the core.

If you call first responders to a snake sighting, the firemen have shovels and axes and that snake will not trouble anyone any further.  However, if they can't get to the snake, they let it go and both go on about their business.

One woman reported three snakes in two weeks.  "One more snake and I'm selling the house," she is quoted.  Another reported a grand total, over the years, of 100 snakes.  Slypich has a number of repeat customers.  In 50 years of working in this field, he says he has never been bitten.  Good for you, Bo!

Keep on truckin' - if you have a snake alert line for rattlesnake sightings in Redondo Beach I'd be happy to pay a small sum to be on it.  We already have possums, skunks, and the odd coyote, so why not snakes?

Snake deterrent fences work (or there wouldn't be so many snake deterrent snake fencing companies.)  Specifications - made of sturdy mesh, 3 ft. tall and 3 in. deep in the ground.  They cost $7 to $9 linear foot or $400 to $550 on three sides for a 20 ft. x 20 ft. back yard.

Good to know there is something snakes cannot get through, over or under.  Roll out a couple of bales of it and git'er done!

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