Friday, November 1, 2019

The Halloween Candy Tally

The free subscription site called was of use, I must say.

North Redondo Beach - a Costco 150 count bag of candy plus more

Golden Hills, six large bags of candy

We never get anyone, so I stopped buying candy in mid-Redondo

South Manhattan Beach - I heard people say they are staying in due to the air quality and the fires (To which I say, "huh?"  We have had a steady onshore strong breeze since they began)

Another from Golden Hills wrote, "Halloween is on a Thursday and that's a school night.  And a lot of schools are having their own party."

Jane, our Libertyville, IL correspondents reports that as of 5:30 p.m. there "A few older trick or treaters."  It was snowing here.

Charlie, Huntington, Long Island, reports a grand total of five.

Here?  Nary a one.  We now have two big fat bags of KitKats.  Put them in a dark closet for next year?  Fatten up the Thurs. Writers?  Eh, we'll find a use for them.  "Would you like a KitKat with your glass of pinot grigio?"

Will add to this informal poll as information comes in.  Haven't heard from Kansas City or Texas yet.

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