Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Cluck Cluck Cluck - Who Knew Chickens Are So Smart?

According to Christine Nicol, Professor Animal Welfare, Bristol University.  She writes to us via  boredpanda.com this cheery morning.

Chickens can count to five. Why they would want to count to five was not disclosed.  

They understand that an object that moves away still exists.   This is information that comes much later to human babies.  

Can recognize up to 30 other chickens.  Do they give each other names or is facial recognition all that they need? 

There are 25 billion chickens which is more chickens than humans.  But admittedly with a much shorter life span.  

All chickens today descended from the Red Jungle Fowl found in South Asia.  They are said to be so shy that when picked up, they are so scared that they can have a heart attack and die.  Self-killing dinner?     

Some time ago I wrote about the pet chicken fad in Silicon Valley.  Given the run of the house, wearing little diapers, cuddling with owners - now I understand why Silicon Valley's geniuses like chickens.  They're just as smart!

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