Wednesday, November 20, 2019

March, 1995

Is the date on the copy of Esquire magazine that Richie found lurking in the garage.  There are numerous other treasures on the horizon including ancient French tabloids.  My friend Marcelle used to pass them along to me as an explanation.

As it happens I was surprised to find that if you type:  March 1995 Esquire magazine - up that issue pops!  It has Sharon Stone (then 37) wearing what looks very like a flesh-colored, very snug fitting pair of long johns and some kind of dorky looking work boots.  Three husbands and three adopted sons later, she is now 61.

The writer's interview with her was that kittenish style of writing that I had forgotten all about.  The cover line is  "Are You Man Enough For This Woman?  Sharon Stone gets naked with Bill Zehme."  Spoiler alert it was on twin masseuse tables at her house not in a bed.  Zehme got accidentally naked when the table collapsed underneath him as he was climbing aboard, so to speak..  Stone guffawed and the Asian masseuses giggled.

It was interesting to see in this 1995 issue ads for men's clothing fashionistas who today are gone and probably forgotten.

Much like the beloved Cosmo (at a certain age) always have a test yourself - because we all love us - is not ignored in these pages.  Cover blurb is Getting In Touch with Your Inner Number.  This refers to a new psychological understanding of your inner self with a series of 52 choices; each being an opposite such as Sheltered  or Out there.

Google Enneagram for a free test.  I took the short version because I pretty much know me (hungry at the moment)  but how to figure your score was incomprehensible so am leaving it at that.

See for yourself - git googling

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