Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Dinner at a Very Posh High School Cafeteria

Such as one might find at Beverly Hills High or Friends, Washington DC  White tile galore, plain tables and bare chairs (chair cushions available on request?)

The occasion was our monthly dinner - Dee, Mouton and us.  It was Mouton's choice and it was Pier 76 Fish Grill, 2181 Rosecrans, El Segundo, CA  310-616-3178.  I googled a picture of the place and was surprised to find a one or two story site.  I say that because Rosecrans is largely composed of tall office buildings.   Many of them have very posh restaurants indeed on their ground floors; but Pier76 looks like a perfect lunch take-out place mainly because you peruse the wall-mounted menu board, order, are given a table number and sent off to sit there until your drink and meal are delivered.

Pier 76 was something of a surprise to me as it was a rare thing for us to NOT be sitting in a place with booths, white napery and menus slightly shorter than the New York  phone book with a separate wine list.

However the wall did display some choice items on the menu.  I ordered a glass of rose and it turned out to be a generous pour in one of those bowl-shaped stemless glasses.  $5.75 - of note, all of the wines are house and $5.75 each.    Dee had a chardonnay.  Mouton and Richie had a beer apiece.  Richie's Stone IPA was $6.50.  Dunno if all beers there are priced the same as wine fits dinner a little better (in my mind if nowhere else.  Wanna be sophisticate here.)

The appetizer was killer - popcorn shrimp in a honey sauce (the shrimp carried the flavor) and lashings of grilled Shishido peppers which, frankly, looked like dead seaweed hardly appealing and 'way too many of them. $7.95   For dinner I ordered the Maine Lobster Roll which came on a doorstop of split, broiled bread.  $18.95

Whenever Richie's offered clam chowder, he'll order a cup of it.  Dee and Mouton joined him.  Richie was the only one not to like it - "Too much oatmeal," he said.  $4.95.  His main course was Shrimp Tacos $2.99  The menu should say naked shrimp tacos because the only extra was a cup of black bean soup.

Our tab was $47.09 before tax, $51.57 with it.   I'd go back for those popcorn shrimp in a heartbeat, high school cafeteria style, upscale or not.

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