Saturday, November 16, 2019

Saturday Class

 Story after it's happened.  French from 2 to 3:30 p.m. and where we go after it.  And it's NOT ooo-la-la!

No one wanted to go for a beer so Himself and I took ourselves to the Pitcher House and had one.  Saturday afternoons are particularly nice for having a beer.  You put the tools down Friday, ran the errands Saturday morning and Sunday is lie-in day.  Hidden gems in Saturdays, eh?

I'd done the prep work for making chili prior to going to class.  So dinner was an easy job.  While stirring it I had an idea ...  French onion Soup as all of us who've ever eaten it comes in an oven-proof bowl, topped with toasted bread slathered in Swiss cheese which has melted over the bread.

What if you flipped the ingredients over?  Hmmm... then remembering I had those small 4 in. tortillas in the refrigerator, I got out two cereal bowls about 5 in. across with 2 in. sides.  Gave their interiors a good shot of spray Pam, nuked the tortillas and put the in the bowl and then topped them with slices of cheese.  When the chili was done, pour it over this mess and eat.

I could have used a little more of the juicy part of chili and Richie complained that it wasn't flavorful enough, but all in all I'd do it again with those caveats firmly in my mind.

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