Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Hates Us Right Back

We just don't know it.  In fact, they have a secret Face Book site call TSABreakroom with 18,000 members.  Airport by airport, fellow travelers, we're seriously outnumbered.

And remember the part about they don't like us either?

This site has the usual complaints about management (often more hated than hapless travelers) with some special twists that come with the job.

The caption beneath a very big, very fat "child" - looks to be about 8 or 9 years old - reads:  "She's old enough to drive a Kia - get her grown ass outta that stroller."

A pet peeve appears to be "Well, I went through another airport and they didn't say anything."  Many were their thoughts on that!  The best would be:  "Bitch I don't care.  This is my airport and my checkpoint and this is how we do it here."

I must add to this report by saying that all the ones we encountered at LAX are quite affable.  I think we as pax have something of an obligation to make the inevitable beeps and chirps and pat downs pleasant.  Charles de Gaulle, Paris, is hell bent to pat you down and they do not use a wand.  They use a gloved hand which makes the passenger wonder just how far they intend to go.  An evil sign those gloves.

When they were issued new gloves - black and shiny looking, sinister somehow - names for them were solicited.  These made the cut:
The Jack the Ripper Signature Model
The Boston Stranglers
The O.J.s

There is a minor detail that will tell you if you're about to get  a  random full tilt boogie check.  Look at your ticket face, lower right hand side for the give away - SSSS or the LLLL. If you've got one, be nice.  One TSA guy wrote, "Don't even try - you can't be pettier than the TSA."

Don't even try.

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