Tuesday, November 26, 2019

French Conversation

This is a Tuesday class at the Hermosa Beach Community Center.  There are usually between 8 to 12 of us and to our collective amazement, one of us is a poet!

And we all liked what follows - his other offerings have been in French and in translation, they are very different.  Ron confided that getting phrases to rhyme in French is a great deal harder than working in English.  Here's one in English.

Cat Got Your Tongue?
    by Ron Percuoco

What's the matter?
Cat got your tongue/
They say youth is
wasted on the young.

Whiskers here - whiskers there
Whiskers flying everywhere
Feline foes fighting fiercely
Folks -- it's aa cat fight.

Drink my milk - purr for my master
A cat's life is hard to master.
But for me there's always hope
I have eight more lives to help me cope

Kitten sitting on a rug
Use my claws to kill a bug
I hope my kitty litter's new
Acting aloof is what I do

Persian, Angora or just a stray
I arch my back to show dismay
I'll lick your hand if you pet me twice
A ball of yarn would sure be nice

I'm cousin to lion and leopard and such
I'm soft and furry to the touch
I don't get out now very much
Trapped like a rabbit in its hutch

Did you like my little ditty?
Won't you tell this pretty kitty?
What's the matter?  Cat got your tongue?

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