Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Mandatory Reconnaisance

The South Bay Writers (aka Thurs. Writers) has two social events per year.  Only two? you say in disbelief?   Ahem, I would have you know that we are a Serious Group of writers.  Not a plumed pen amongst us.

These two annual glam events are held to celebrate the Summer Solstice and  Christmas.  Both are luncheons; we're mostly all too old to drive in the dark.

We do this necessary party planning by vote.  The Thursdays available in December come first.  At the moment 12/19 is ahead, but the 12th seems to be inching forward.

Next up is which restaurant.  Suggestions are filed, voted on and the restaurant is chosen.  Rock'n Brew, Riviera Village, has been the choice at least four times so far.

Criteria include free parking, comfortable group seating with  round booths, not long ones, and a relatively quiet noise level.  With anywhere from eight to 14 of us, we can generate our own noise, thank you.  

I found a new one for the vote.  It has ample free parking, several huge crescent-shaped booths, a varied menu, big portions and reasonable prices.  Very nice, but is the food any good?!

To find out, Richie and I had lunch there yesterday.

It used to be the Redondo Beach Café, then ownership passed along and at least two other places have now been replaced by 1511.  The new owners have really spiffed it up and while this is a cliché the interior is absolutely sparkling clean.  (Always reassuring.)  Our server Leo was good waiter-ship personified (Ladies, he is also hot, hot, hot!")

The menu is varied with Greek salad, gyro sandwich and two other dishes.  Quebec is represented by Poutine which is their national dish as escargot are to France.  It's a generous serving of French Fries topped with white cheddar curds and a rich brown gravy.  Back to France, they serve crepes for dessert.  Along with American cheesecake and apple pie. The menu is four pages of various items.  Breakfast is served all day.

So what did we have for lunch?  Richie went for huevos quesadilla which comes with cole slaw $11.59.  I had the Portobello burger which consisted of a possibly mutant-sized Portobello with melted white cheddar, tomato, lettuce, and sliced avocado.  $12.99  Leo had subbed in a small portion of poitine instead of cottage cheese or fruit or whatever.  $4.  A small portion would have been more than ample for four people.  And they would have relished it.  Good food, properly prepared with splashes of exotic.  I will recommend it to my fellow writers.

Pricewise, reasonable.  $28.58 before tax; water only.  Did I mention the ample free parking?

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