Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Boo!

If we get any kids, which is doubtful considering the population I see around me, it's either kids in strollers or the family down the block who appear to have two little girls around 5 and 7 (best guestimate.)

Our street - hardly a major throughway as it's only three blocks long - doesn't seem to have many kids.

But one of the Trick or Treat evenings in the pass, we got so many kids, that they were bussed in!
No kidding!  Granted they weren't 50+ passenger buses, but two or three shuttle buses can add up to a lot of kids.  Homeowners were going nuts!  The worst nightmare came true - we were all running out of candy!  We were all out on our driveways, screaming back and forth, "Have you got any left?"  "No!" would come back in an anguished wail.

Happily the majority of the kids were short as they were 5 to 8 years old and incapable of much in the way of damage.

Today, it seems that schools and churches have parties at their location which is a great deal safer anyhow.

What this means at our house is buy only what we like.  Richie is very much the Be Prepared Boy Scout so Thurs. Writers will all be diligently working for cavities post-Halloween!  We're all too old to slobber for sour gummy bears and such.  Mini-candy bars are a hit though.

As it happens that Halloween IS on a Thurs., we are planning a mini party of our own.  Sparkling cider (when we'd all prefer wine which the City which owns and runs the Veteran Park Senior Center has expressly forbidden.)

Instead, sticking to our writerly duties, we're all supposed to write a scary six word novel.  Yes, I scoffed, too.

The example given is:  For Sale
                                      Baby Shoes
                                       Never Worn
Does that give a chill or what?!

As Game 7 ran to the close, I came up with the following.  If you'd like to play, too, Comments is your spot or write me direct..

Rich grandma's walker - steep basement stairs.

Sister's husband beats her!
At Scrabble.

From my friend in French Conversation - "Ghoul screams!  What? No ice cream?"

Jay not Z contributed
Happy Halloweens have  haunting and howling

Manager South Bay Stories"Show -
It's morning blood on my pillow.

AND Miss Sweetheart of the Yacht Club contributed a whole poem!

Halloween Lament
THEN  All Hallow's Eve was a time to grieve
NOW  We see a witch fly and get a sugar high

THEN  Treats were homemade
NOW  Look for a razor blade

THEN Costumes were funny
NOW  Only dress as a bunny

THEN Kids giggled with joy
NOW  Not sure if girl or boy.
   By Janet White

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