Monday, October 14, 2019


At the moment, our backyard is a'roar.  We have/had a blockage somewhere and so Richie called the plumber who is now doing the noisy part of the job.  First he sent a "tv camera" according to Richie down a main line, determined that there were tendrils of tree pushing their way along it and now the plumber and his helper are using a high-pressure roar of water down the affected line.  The plumber said it would cut up the foreign interlopers and flush them away!  How cool is that?

The plumber said it's probably the enormous tree (that I planted from a 4 in. seedling in a little pot some years ago.)  I have been after  Richie to get rid of it; to no avail.  Now it looks as though I might get it gone.  YAY!

Then when the plumber is done, paid, and off on other adventures, Richie gets to walk down to auto repair (only a couple of blocks away)and pick up Truck which, after the infusion of some $600 for a new carburetor, will  roll proudly once again.

A busy morning for him.  You do know that the plumber could not possibly do the job without Richie watching.  It's a guy thing.  Ladies, it's not ours to wonder about.  Least said, soonest mended.  And even though you have given up on tree removal, be of cheer - the plumbing may conspire with you!  Good luck!

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