Sunday, October 6, 2019

Little Did You Know That You Didn't Care Until You Read This!

And this is what you didn't care about (and neither does this writer):  (drum roll, similar to thunder before a storm)  There are no Taco Bell fast food restaurants in all of Mexico.  None.

There were though ,briefly, in 1992 when Taco Bell had 3,700 +/- in the United States.

Language was the problem.  TB ads remarked on "crunchy tacos" and Mexicans didn't know what the hell "crunchy" was as most of their taquerias featured soft tacos.  TB came back, calling them "tacostada" to point out the texture change and liken it to a tostado which is always crunchy and all the more welcome for that.

TB's management put in their first store next door to a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.  Boom - sound of a taco hitting the dust.  Daunted TB discontinued the idea.

In 2007 either management had changed significantly or decided, what the hell, let's try again.  This time this initial outpost was put next door to a Dairy Queen (for dessert purposes?)  it too failed.  One ad man  was quoted as saying that the idea of TB being in Mexico was like "bringing ice to the Arctic."

As a further explanation of  TB south of the border, another added, "It's like Mexicans coming here to sell hot dogs."

The Taco Bell slogan - Run for the border! - was abandoned as well.  It was felt to be a tad racist by the Politically Correct in the days of walls and immigration and so forth.

There is relief for Taco Mania Loss Grief in 22 other countries, 92 of which are in Europe in such places as Finland, Romania, Spain, Cypress and on and on but it's Sunday and the LA and NY Times crosswords beckon me back.  I'm doing remarkably well in the NY puzzle which rarely happens.  Much more interesting than Taco Bell and it's shenanigans or lack thereof.

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