Sunday, October 20, 2019

Wherein I Steal To Make You Laugh

If you guessed that Reader's Digest arrived yesterday!  Sound the gong!  You won!

I sleep with a knife under my pillow because you never know when someone is going to break into the  house bringing you a cake!  Sweet dreams!

Speaking of food gifts. people camping out in sleeping bags are the soft tacos of the bear food group.

There are many theories on why humans even need to sleep (and see above; not recommended in a sleeping bag) but it's pretty sure that it's to charge up our phones...

A lawyer's advice from L. Scott Briscoe, of West Virginia.

After pleading guilty to transferring and receiving stolen property, do not ask your judge whether he's interested in seeing the collection of watches you have for sale.

If you're running from the scene of your crime, the law will find you if you leave behind your wallet.  And your car.  And your friends sitting in the car.

Do not plan your next felony over the pay phone in your jail pod next to the sign that reads:  All phone calls are monitored and recorded.

Calling a tow service to haul a broken-down ATV you are in the process of stealing creates a paper trail.  And a witness.

Don't ever take a fence down unless you know what caused it to be built in the first place.

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