Wednesday, October 2, 2019

When Strangers Discover That You're a Writer ...

You can expect to hear - nay, rely on hearing, "Oh, I wish I could write."  Followed by a wistful smile that clearly says, "Sucker. Wasting your time on that!"  To those others who clearly would like to write, I fix with a beady, squinted stare and reply, "Everyone has a story!  What's yours?  Write it down!"  For some reason people seem to drift away after that … still haven't figured it out.

Today I read an entry about stories that one could write on a postcard.  Here is the one that is appropriate albeit a little long to use in an actual conversation.  It's the thought that counts. And this column is mine to express any I might have, no matter how deranged.

"There's a secret library filled with all of the books people meant to write but never found the time.  No one has seen inside; no one knows if the shelves are full or empty, but they agree there's only one way to take out a book - WRITE!"

On a lighter note, see what you could do with this "postcard story."

"My mother was so proud when I joined up.  She told me, "Everyone wants to marry a man in uniform!" and I didn't have the heart to tell her, "So do I"

Let your imagination roam as it will.  Could you have written this?  Did he (clearly a he)  ever come out to his Mom?  What happened then?  Hit it!

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