Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Oops! Error of Omission

Frequent reader Molokai Boys pointed out that I had omitted two astrological signs yesterday.  My only defense is .. er.. I didn't see the arrow pointing to Aquarius and Pisces.  Since one of those IS his sign, I can see his perturbation.

Aquarius - Easily pleased if it's something new.  They travel with their posse and love exploring the latest new thing.  "First to (fill in)" is their credo.

Pisces - "See that hammock, farther down the beach?  Yeah, that's Fishy.  He's reading and thinking.  Don't bother him. He may stir to body surf or snorkel - something in the water, but mainly daydreaming."

Unless a 13th zodiac sign was discovered overnight, I got'em all!   Thank you, Dee, for the head's up.

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