Monday, October 7, 2019

Vacationing According to Your Astrological Sign; It's the New Me Thing, Dahling.

You meant to go there, do that this summer, but life its own self got in the way.  So - spend a cozy winter (it does get cold in Southern California - 55/60 is not for a day at the beach) and plan your 2020 vacay.

To make it more interesting, base your activities on your fire sign.  There are four divided into three each in case you missed the '70s when you could walk into any amicable gathering and be asked - or ask - "So, what's your sign?"  Fire signs are going to be put out by Water signs to explain the curiosity.   One must Be Prepared!

Fire:  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth:  Taurus, Virgin, Capricorn
Air:  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water:  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Readers Digest stole this from Vanity Fair (?) can't remember; was taking notes.  Beh, enough maundering; let us get to our onions.

Aries - requires lots of activities.  They want to be busy, busy and search out fun things like zipline rides, deep in a forest!  Whee!

Taurus - Must have fine amenities.  The old Bull is not going to go out and tour and NOT come back to a five-star hotel, thank you very much.  Is the jacuzzi heated yet?

Gemini - They are roamers and explorers.  They're the ones who stray away from the marked directions, get lost and cost themselves enormous  helicopter and rescue team payback monies.

Cancer - They like the thought of travel, but the actuality of packing, arranging for pet caregivers, shutting up the house, turning off the iron annoys them.   It's just easier to stay home.

Leo - Only the best will do.  Leo's know that their butts were designed by God above to fit into 1st on a plane and next to the champagne in a limo.  I think most of us share this opinion actually, no matter the sign.

Virgos - they have very active brains; they are thinking, scheming nd scamming every waking moment.  They require distractions.  Divert them by pointing and yelling, "See the monkey?"  (No monkey visible for 40 miles.)

Libra - gregarious, and love to people watch.  Easily found in sidewalk cafes, intimate bistros, chatting artlessly with all around them.  New Besties left and right!

Scorpio - They only go on Big Adventures, thank you.  The whole point of their adventures is bragging rights when they get home.  That is, if they get home,

Sagittarius - love the physically-demanding stuff - free diving, hiking, parachuting...if it curls your hair to even think about doing (fill in) don't worry.  The Sag will enthusiastically take your place.

Capricorn - these are serious people and their idea of fun is touring to learn about stuff.  A natural history museum or visiting a Civil War cemetery or a Southern  plantation …real turn-ons.

Bon vacance!

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