Saturday, October 12, 2019

Looking for Agita? I Found It For You!

The fall/winter holiday season is about to come crashing down upon us.  Halloween is relatively easy.  Buy out the candy shelf at your supermarket and ready, set, go!

Thanksgiving can involve airport pick-ups, a clean house, elaborate menus and more.  But to ensure that you make yourself as crazy as possible without actually being locked up in a very cozy room (the walls are all thickly padded) try this on for size.

Dave Silva, Silva Construction answers the question in his response to the hopeful little soul who wrote him:  "If I start a kitchen remodel on October 19th, will it be finished by November 25th so I can have Thanksgiving here in a new kitchen?"

Dave says, "Do you have plans and permits for the work to be done?  Do you already have all of the cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures?  Have you chosen and purchased flooring, countertops?  Are you moving any plumbing or electrical?  Okay, yes, it could be done.

And now Dave provides the first mizzle of rain - But if, on the other hand, you are changing the structure - such as opening. moving, or removing any walls?  Are they loadbearing walls?  Are you adding any windows or skylights? (Sky tubes are great; I recommend them.)   Probably can't be done by your target date.

In short it sounds like totally destroying the kitchen.  And then starting from scratch to replace it.  Meanwhile the kitchen is tore up from the floor up.  And then - builder's strike!  Tile company goes out of business.  An earthquake rumbles through just enough to make the Black Hole of Calcutta (formerly your kitchen) look impossible.  Which it is if you're shooting for T-Day.

To avoid agita, I recommend planning this year for next year.  You know you can always show guests and family what you're planning to do!  It doesn't have to be a done deal.  You can wave around the blueprints and promise the moon; the last words in a chic, sleek new kitchen next Thanksgiving !

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