Monday, October 28, 2019

Washington Post Somewhat Confused

Their headline for the story of Big Long Name, the Terrorist's Death described him as "an austere religious leader."

Outrage in cyberland reverberated.  These promptly popped up as obituaries for other well-known world names.

Mao Zedong who saved 20 to 45 million of his own people from the struggle for existence, died at 82.

Genghis Kahn, noted traveler, dies at 64.

Voldemort, 71, austere political reformer and aspiring teacher killed by teen terrorist.
(I had to look up "who was Voldemort?" since I had no clue who or what a Voldemort could be.  A bad guy in the Harry Potter series.)

This is too good not to play with - thanks to the contributors above.

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