Thursday, October 24, 2019

All Hail the Newest Political Fad!

Choice of two - impeachment or recall.  Nationally, the biggie is impeachment!  And yesterday, dammit!

But locally - comes now recall.  Really local is the recall attempt to yank one Councilman John Gran out of Redondo Beach District 4 wherein dwell the Murphys.   The other day, bang, bang on the steel security door that permits us to leave the wood door wide open every summer night.  I was closest and there to greet me was a fire fighter in uniform shorts and shirt, offering a petiton for us to sign to get an official permission to petition to have him removed.  How confusing is that?  Evidently, the fire fighters got the required number because yesterday's mail brought a 4/c biiig brochure - 12 in. long and 8 1/2 in. wide which opens out to become four pages.

Since you didn't get one because you don't live here in District 4, permit me to quote the copy.  "Redondo Beach District 4 City Council Member admits he's "Not a very good politician."

That's because he's a dishonest one.

Dishonest John's self-dealing decision making is putting you and your family at risk.

Remove Dishonest John from office … before it's too late.

Sign the recall petition. Now."

This expensive effort (4/c glossy) is sponsored by the Redondo Beach Firefighters Association, Inglewood, CA.

Gist:  RB firefighters want to merge services with LA County Fire.

My shock stems from the fact that I never dreamed you could publicly and with much fanfare call a politician "dishonest."  A great many of them, of course, are, but to just baldly splash that opprobrium on one of them?  ALORS!

Nearly as shocking was the announcement of a local Recall Gavin Newcom!  (Governor of California.) meeting to recall him!  Given the overwhelming number of registered voters in California are Democrats, this came as quite the surprise.

There are at least four different sites pushing the bye bye agenda and the stated reasons are:
Mismanaged the State
Caused poor schools (where are the funds the lottery was supposed to hand over to schools?)
Deteriorating infra-structure - Oh, we live on Washboard Road, not far from  Pothole Street)
High costs for gas and utilities  "Summer gas" my bippy.
Increased homelessness
Supports Medicare For All and laws that aid immigrants here illegally.

What next?  God only knows in this suddenly alpha political country.

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