Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Would You Have the Nerve?

Book Review - "Everything Beautiful in Its Time" by Jenna Hager Bush   and her twin sister Barbara Bush, daughters of George H W Bush and his wife  Laura.  The twins were theirs.  

The girls seem to have turned writing about family members into a cottage industry.  And each twin married and had children.  Thus 8 grandparents.  Her side; his side x 2.

All of whom seem to have been given similar nicknames.  George and Barbara Bush were known as Gamma and Gampy.  Can you imagine addressing the President of the United States as a baby name as that?

Walker's Point, in Kennebunkport was the tribe's favorite place to be.  Barbara welcomed guests - the Texas upbringing made them hospitable.  But don't think to come visit if you ignored Barbara's Rules to Visit on a previous trip.  Short and sweet - Don't track in sand, hang up your towel, Tell us if you'll be eating out and finally, make your bed.   

And I think of reports of other Presidents who took full advantage of the White House help.  It's an engaging enough book but not much of a beach read.  End of a tepid review.  


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