Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Earthquake between Redondo and Hermosa Beaches Last Night.

I sat quietly in front of the TV  as "Jeopardy" began to roll and so did something else.  Our house.  There had been a tremendous  "whump! and I thought, "My God, a car got the house!" as a couple of smaller tremors passed so quickly I wasn't sure anything had happened!  "Richie!  Turn on the radio!" I bellowed.

I should explain - we have one radio station that always knows all about the earthquake in process - where it was located, what strength - 3.7, in this event and located 6 miles out in the ocean. 

And the animals?  Fred the cat, ambled off somewhere downstairs but the big surprise was Lady Bird the cockatiel, who went nuts!  She was flapping her wings so hard that plants across the room began waving in sympathy.  

And Jeopardy resumed  business.  I didn't get the last one, the theme one; did you?

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