Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A New Standard in Eating - Yum

The Standard, 226 Standard Street, El Segundo, CA  Long ago I developed this somewhat sneaky way to combine a haircut (The Tonsorial Parlor under the genius guidance of Dale Snowberger)  and eating out.  Lunch or early dinner; it's "Out!" and I want me some.  I'll be perfectly happy to heat up the leftovers for dinner.  That's my kind of cooking...

Dale recommended The Standard and said the hamburgers on a pretzel bun are delicious; "Ask for more napkins  when you order one- they are that juicy!"

Well the juicy burgers will be an enticement for next time.  Yesterday we each had a Rueben with  garlic fries.  It comes with fries but do you want plain, garlic and I think or sweet potato (next time on that one. )

We had lunch and  dinner the sandwiches are sizeable but only $13

Modelo Draft?  $8 each.  Total tab for lunch and dinner for two - $45.99  Hell, be a sport:  $46.

We finally remembered why the place seemed vaguely familiar ... had we been here...yes...but it ws with someon, but who? and then Bingo! staring at the open front door and the first table, we shouted almost simultaneously, "Dee!"   

When we talked, he said yes, it was him and further that since there's an Air Force base  set up not far away, he knew it well, along with his Air Force buddies.  I thought what a pity it is I don't know any single women to shoe through the place like a yard full of cackling hens.

Ah well.  That much more food for us.

Such as Sunday Breakfast:  California Benedict with bacon, avocado, potatoes on the side and Hollandaise sauce.  They open at 10:30 a.m. 


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