Saturday, May 29, 2021

Mah Fellow Colander-Hat Wearers

Ah am addressing you as this Wuhan Scandal/Chinese Virus wends it way along.   I thought from the very first time it hit the news that it was an enemy attack.  My reasoning and bite your damned old tongue and hear me out.  I can, too, reason.

1.  The Chinese hate us.

2.  Wuhan, the local where the drama apparently took place would appear to an entire island of drug labs.

3.  What if they created this virus; infected some 20 or 30 lab workers and put them onto planes to - Italy, London, then Paris ,- and finally the US -  you can see the momentum building here

4.  Now they announce an absolute cure for this disease and will willingly sell said cure to any and all takers - for $1million per shot.  You don't think China wouldn't do a land boom business?   

Suckers all over the world have had The Shot of God knows what with what long-term side effects.  And the media and the pols push the shot.  With $1million lotteries for those (and only those) who get the jab as our Brit friends refer to The Shot.

We live in strange times.  Keep your guard up.  Rattle your colander hat and hope for the best.

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