Thursday, May 6, 2021

And the Ob/gyn surgeon said, "And those babies just kept coming! Five girls and four boys."

 A quote that might have happened, but I didn't hear it.  What prompted this?  A 25 year old Mali woman gave birth to nine babies in Morocco.  5 girls and 4 boys at once.

After Ocotopussy. when Nadia Suleman dropped eight babies from one womb we became familiar with Octoplets.  All eight are now 12 years old.  Okay back them there hadn't been very many multi-births.   Quits are rare enough at 1 set in 55,000,000 births.

Curious about what in hell one would call nine at once besides litter,  I consulted Google.  

6 babies - sextuplets 

7   " septuplets

8 octuplets

9 nonuplets.

There have been a couple of nonuplets in such as Australia but unfortunately they died with days of birth.

The Malis though - the husband reported that his wife and the nine babies were all doing well.  

But I'm thinking "Litter would be a good generic name for occasions such as this one.  And maybe later on a singing group"  "The Nonnettes"?

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