Friday, May 21, 2021

Amazed Again

Anyone  older than say, 50, could (and often does) cite something that amazed them.  My moment came in yesterday's mail and getting mail that isn't a bill is a rare and wondrous thing anyhow.  

What ho!?   A letter (not a bill) from the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine.  What the hell do they want with someone who lives in So. Cal? Maybe they wanted to perform a necropsy on Streak?  Far too late.  And I wouldn't be about to have Streak ashes dusting lightly over everything upstair

Excerpts from their letter:  The Pet Tribute of KU, etc. recently  received a generous monetary contribution from Hermosa Animal Hospital in memory of your special friend Streak...through this donation Streak will live on in perpetuity.  

Then they push a memorial book displayed in the Veterinary Medical Library (your name and "Streak" together.) placement and an owner's photo of the deceased in their "Whispering Garden."  

 The former owner of the deceased can write a message to the late pet.  There is a designated space set aside for your message on the form.

And they close --We would like to express our deepest sympathy for your recent loss and hope that the thoughtfulness of Drs. Liebl, Broussard, Burgos, Jack and Yao will somehow comfort you during this difficulty time. 

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