Monday, May 31, 2021

A Glorious Return! Hudson House Has Re-opened!

Hudson House, 514 PCH. Redondo Beach

If you are as curious about "creative drinks" as you are about food, they proudly present nine of them.  Since the ingredients are listed, it might pay to pop in for a couple and if you fall in love, with the ingredients listed, you can make your own at home where you are unlikely to get busted for DUI.   Thus if an ingredient calls for some exotic  thing - dusted with powdered butterfly wings's still cheaper than in a bar.    Take a little pocket notebook and a pen.

Actually, just read the drink menu at their site.  

With summer coming, it should be said that they have really tricked out a spacious "backyard" or patio to comply with California's dining out laws.  Patios popped up all over the beach towns and now, these restaurants which were going "glub glub glub" as they circled the drain, are well positioned now with dandy new patios  for the summer.

Hudson House has a thick Astro-Turf "floor" 10+ heat lamps and both tables for 2 to 6, and varnished oak picnic benches and tables.   Alert!  You have to walk through the interior of the restaurant to get out there.  It's worth it.  

We both ordered an old favorite - Brown Sugar Ribs.  but they weren't our old fav because they changed the sauce .  And not for the better.  This sounds interesting though - Toasted Edamame with Shishito peppers, garlic, soy and honey $8  Garlic, soy and honey sound inviting on their own.  Waffle anybody?

Mac and Goat cheese?  Errr  Still got room?  Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.   

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