Thursday, May 13, 2021

Weather To Read By when You Live Here

 We have two seasons despite what anyone might say about sunny So Cal.  They are in order 'cause there's not many of them - Gray May and June Gloom.  To reassure you about a tan, July bounces right in.  Don't  forget your sunscreen.

So remembering our two less-that-perfect months and hit the library with elan. 

I don't know how much elan it requires but just take your best shot.

I scored b i g.  Four new Stuart Woods which as far as I can tell I haven't read and they are a quick read.

(as far I could tell - at least I haven read them yet, and two biographies.

First and probably classier -"JFK, Coming of Age in the American Century 1917 - 1956" Right away I smell a large, well-fed rat.  JFK was very much alive and well in 1956.  I think he courted nd married Jackie in those years. 

The other is decidedly not classy at all - "Battle of the Brothers" referring to Princess Diana's sons Willian and Harry.  Royal mud to be examined in detail.  

Truth be told (and I am capable of it,) I got them both for the pictures.  Reading about politics is coma-inducing

Furthermore will report on the contents  of both.  I didn't believe the story of Harry cavorting with "friends" in his visit to Las Vegas.  What I didn't believe was that they were all stark-nekkid.  An unlikely scenario.  Indeed.

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