Thursday, May 27, 2021

Food Somewhat Far Away

But both are well worth the outing. Richie surprised me day before yesterday by asking if I'd like to go to the New York Deli yesterday for lunch.   I'm always up for a meal "out."  I'm funny that way.

"Opportunistic" many might say.  Hell, I know damned well I am and so do readers that have been reading this on any kind of consistent basis.  "Where's she off to now?  Doesn't she know where their kitchen is?"

To which I reply, "None of your business."  

NYDeli is located in a little strip mall of uninteresting shops/services and not much of every thing.  

But the interior has one truly remarkable décor item.  It's a big room, divided by a sort of wall of trees that look exactly like Jacarandas that have been electrified like Christmas trees and there are multitudes of them.

We ordered onion rings to nibble while our food got fixed. Richie ordered a hot pastrami - me a hot corned beef  - sandwich; he ordered the pasta salad; I the cole slaw  and  we both got water although they have and serve beer and wine.   It wasn't a day for a mid-day drink.  

The food portion was generous to say the least. Positively a mountain of  meat in the sandwiches and heaps of the sides.   The pastrami and corned beef were top quality and the servings so generous, so big that we had a sandwich half each left over for our dinners.  Lunch for two plus dinner is very economical - $34.    NY Deli, 2424 Sepulveda, Torrance

As good as all of this was there was a gigantic bonus.  We re-found Ted's Place. Ted is the Reigning King of corned beef hash.  Ted's is on the corner of Sepulveda and Normandy.  Parking lot is on Normandy. 

Why am advocating a humble dish like corned beef hash?  Because it's perfect.  A good-sized platter arrives in front of you with only three things on it - cut your imaginary platter in thirds - 1/3 hash browns, perfectly grilled; add three fried eggs spread over 1/3 platter  of (again) perfectly fried hash-brown corn beef.   Even more economical - $5 per platter for pure ambrosia.  If the coffee wasn't free I'd be surprised.  

Ted is back; I have a reason to live; life is positively rotund with good things.  And - as if more was needed - the sun is gingerly kicking the cloud's ass away.

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