Friday, May 7, 2021

Mamma's Day

 We weekly grocery shop on a Friday or Saturday.  We've learned the hard way to do it any day but: Superbowl - good luck finding avocados for your world famous guacamole.

What does Mom want?

Flowers 26% of the Moms want them' only 2% of Daddies  get them.  Cards - 90%

chocolates 28%   clothing 80%

65% of  the parents want quality family time.  I think of some families (and no doubt you can, too)  that could provide anything but  "quality" to their time."

Flowers - the most popular is said to be the pink carnation.  They represent Mary's tears for Jesus upon His death.

How much do you expect to spent on presents this year?  $220 per person  Totaling $16 billion up from $15.3 billion last year.

Restaurants  make out like bandits.  Our favorite restaurant - shuttered to my horror - Ports O Call with a dynamite  buffet and all of the free champagne you can swill down.  

On a trip into the bathroom, I asked the attendant (we were old pals and always had a little chat , ) how many plates today?  And she said, "3,000."   And I gasped.  

Today, I can report that the front and back doors of Ralphs supermarket were massed high with flowers.  I think people had a hard time getting their carts through.  Even funnier - there's a See's Candy store?  Emporium? right next door to Ralph's- and people were lined out to the parking lot.  

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