Monday, May 24, 2021

Tidbits and Oddities

 What follows is a sample of things I run into in daily trips around cyberspace (I think that's what it's called.)

The $7,000 Tojo toilet from Japan.  It's  special feature?  It takes a picture of fecal matter apparently exiting your body and sends this picture to your doctor.  This kind of non-invasive bowel examination is said (by Toto probably) to be just as good as a colonoscopy.  

The cheapest toilet is nearly $900 - Polaroid? shot?

French dogs can attend sniff/saliva  school in Paris.  There they are taught how to sniff a Covid sample and indicate to the owner Covid or not.  And this is 97 accurate Same for saliva which is said to be 91% accurate.

I like this idea because you don't get a yard-long swab up your  nose.  It tickles.  Who knew the brain could sense ticklish? I know this  because many people will tell you that this test does go up to your brain! Certainly it feels like it.

Today's has witty signs from a gas station.  I recommend panda this morning.  A sample or two - I wish I was as thin as my patience.  Two silk worms got in a fight; it ended in a tie.

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