Monday, May 10, 2021

Book Review

And it's - "HRH, So many thoughts on Royal Style" by Elizabeth Holmes   $35   327 pages 

I keep thinking that there's nothing left to write about the royal family but clearly there is.  Evidence to follow.  And it's a grum day, overcast and more or less ugly.

The Royal women covered in this are Queen Elizbeth II, Princess Diana; Kate Middleton  Duchess of Cambridge, and most recently and fewest pages, Megan, Duchess of Sussex,;  Queen Elizabeth is by far the most interesting - because she's been here the longest?  

She has had dressers since childhood - Margaret "BoBo" - as well as surveillance - they two shared a bedroom from the time she was 11 to her honeymoon with Philip!  Now by jingoes, that's  close...

and a bit more than eerie.  BoBo was a Scotswoman and taught her to smooth out wrapping paper for another gift.  

Queen Elizabeth has a wardrobe directed at the public - hats must not hide her face.  Dresses must be solid bright material so that the people can easily see her from the back of an audience.  And as an example, a pink splotch that people who shot a selfie can later point to it and say, "There she is!  See the bright green?"

Other little quirks - Kate Middleton wears panty hose!  Still!  

Me-again favors bateau necklines.  Little funny things like these.  

The Queen recycles gowns - had her coronation dress redone six times - because she didn't have to buy or make six new ones.  Alert - she also recycles jewels.  Alert fanciers of jewels have often noted that!

It's an interesting, gossipy read.  It's a bit pricey at $35 so see if your library has it.

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