Monday, May 3, 2021

Cast Away!

and I'm not talking about an incident at sea.

This morning, I had an appt. with the hand surgeon.  He ordered X-rays of my busted hand after the current cast was removed.  And I don't have to have another one!  I have been wearing a cast since the surgery March 23rd to pin it back together.  FREEDOM!  

Now I can shower and wash my hair, and head back into the kitchen to cook again!  

and button certain items of clothing (Levis) and go up and down the stairs fully able to grip the railing. 

But most of all, I can write checks and pay bills; and sign documents, write research notes  and don't forget the NY and LA Times Sunday crossword puzzles. 

FREE to do all of the above and more than likely, much more.  

Looking down on the back of my hand and I see that the poor skin - not having had any liquid since March looks all flaky.  I wonder if this is called Cast Dandruff...It won't last long - water and hand cream are waiting to hit the stage.

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