Friday, May 14, 2021

Certainly not your usual car chase

It should be noted that we are rarely without one playing on Ch.7 for which apparently Ch 7 has the monopoly. 

When Richie switched away from the BBC. 7 came up like a moon the wild dogs go nuts for.

Last night, I settled on my big fat chair and looked up to see a small white car on a freeway ramp.  The announcer said, "The car in question is a Prius -..- and I lost it big time with a guffaw of laughter that rattled me in my my chair.

Suddenly my mind flashed with this surprising scene.  The officer was running along with the car - passenger side - flashing his badge, screaming, "FREEZE!" while throwing bullets at it.  

O that it could have been like that,

Prius owners the car won.  But I sure had a good laugh. 

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