Wednesday, April 1, 2020

When You Have To Make Your Own Fun for April Fool's Jokes

Back in the day, when most of us were working in an office, what I found by exploring online would have been possible.  For example - a long shot of what looks like a high school major corridor.  the open locker doors clued me.)   Every bit of floor is covered with small paper cups of water.  How can it be cleaned up?  Bribe the janitor.

One merry prankster sowed quick-growing grass seed in a co-workers computer keyboard. Must have been on a Friday night so that Monday morning - a full lawn on the keyboard.  Or it could have been keyboard twins and a switch out.

Love Candied Apples?  Have you tried Caramel Onions?  Selected a number of similar-sized brown onions, melt the caramel normally sold with the apples, insert a popsicle stick  and hand them out promising a "delicious surprise!  Here!  Try one!"  White onions are recommended - they've got a powerful flavor.  Vidalia onions just might be very good!  Not the point of the joke!

You'll have to make a trip away from the house, but buy a couple of air horns, (hardware store?) mount them on the back of a door as a door protector … kid bangs the door opening on a run through the house?  Diaper change.  If you're in an office, mount the air horn under the office chair seat.  Makes a whoopie cushion look mighty small potatoes.

Kids - this is for your parents.  When the bath soap is completely dry, find and take Mom's clear nail polish and coat the soap generously (and carefully) with it and put the bar back in the soap dish when it has dried.

Be sure to offer your victims a big toothy smile as you purr, " April Fool's!  - Gotcha!"

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