Monday, April 20, 2020

Picnic Lunch Time

When the sun comes out.  Which looks unlikely here today but we were fooled (never difficult) yesterday when we had a lovely dose of it with fat, puffy white clouds here and there in a blue sky.

But to lunch - food figures lively at this house.  It occurred to me that the usual fast food offerings while certainly edible and quite often familiar, are not particularly fascinating because of their familiarity.

Seeking something a little more … vibrant … Fatburger! popped into my mind.  Pluses -while they are a fast food restaurant - I knooow thaaat - I love their onion rings; that hamburgers come in graduated sizes plus pick your toppings.  Our order is always one Original, pickle, onion and mustard; one Large with everything and an order of onion rings and get the three Tabasco products bottles in their little rack to our table.  Since grab and go is now the only means of dining "out" these days, the rings will just have to go nude, as it were, unless you brought along your own Tabasco.

It's probably against the law to consume food in a fast food restaurant's parking lot, pre-select a good spot on the street running along the beach and park on the opposite side of the street.  That and the bike path are both Forbidden!  To say nothing of actually being on the sand.  I think they converted the lifeguard stations to armories with manned staff.  But by entering the law of the land (temporarily) you can still get a lovely view of the water.

My mouth is already feeling the crunch of the crispy coating of the rings.

I wouldn't want any readers to snarl at me because they want to go there, too, and there isn't any there there for them. Where you can find yourself a Fatburger or three - and closes at midnight.

USA - 81
AZ - 4;
 CA - 51.
CO - 1;
IL - 1
NJ - 1
NM 1
NV 15
PA 1
WA 5

The Redondo Beach outlet opens at 10:30 a.m.

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