Thursday, April 30, 2020

Happy Birthday Today Willie Nelson!

Despite his wild success for all of these years, there is another that is rarely, if that, mentioned.

 He turned a whole town into a celebrity. It's  Abbott, Texas- 24 miles north of Waco.  Rightfully they claim to be Willie Nelson's Birthday because he was born there. His grandparents raised him and two years older sister Bobbie because his mother left town shortly after his birth and his father took off not long after that.   I would imagine they made their presences known to him when the money started rolling in.  His album "Stardust" was on the country music billboard for 540 weeks or nearly 10 years.

Today, Willie is said to have a home/ranch  in Spicewood, Texas, 35 miles northwest of Austin plus a place in Maui, Hawaii.   Probably have to die to get any recognition out of either.  

Even though you have COPD, Willie, hang in there.  Recognition can wait - there's usually no money in it anyhow.

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